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Siberian State Medical Universty aims at improving the quality of life and health of the population through innovation in education, research and patient care offering top-quality training, educational and research opportunities to the students. Siberian State Medical University is the place where you can become one of the top quality health specialists or researchers.” 


Dear students and soon-to be colleagues! 

I would like to welcome you to the Siberian State Medical University

Medical doctor is a very noble profession, at the same time the one that will always be in high demand. There are not so many other professions in the world, which people cannot live without. Profession of doctor is one of a few.

To become a doctor it takes a long, tough and intense path. Yet Siberian State Medical University provides all the opportunities to make it an enjoyable journey. 

Every one of you who gets admitted at the university will have a chance to learn and experience long-standing traditions of the most respected and well-established scientific schools of SibMed . You will work side by side with wise and demanding mentors, go through daily painstaking work, theory and intensive internship at the university clinics. You will read dozens of books and make tons of notes, spend sleepless nights before exams and enjoy the delight of your first success. 

Being a medical student is a very hard work. Alumna of Siberian State Medical University, I myself have firsthand experience. A doctor cannot afford the luxury of not knowing something or not having expertise in the given field. That is why medical students are extremely organized and disciplined, they know how to manage their time effectively. This allows them to always have spare time to develop talents and creative side, to do sports and just have fun. You will definitely experience exciting and eventful students life in our University. 

Throughout University history there have graduated a multitude of outstanding, remarkable doctors and scientists. Many discoveries have been made within these walls that are well-known in medical science all over the world. Today a number of SibMed professors are true legends in Russian health care field. 

I truly hope that you make the right decision and reserve your seat at Siberian State Medical University! I will be happy to see you as our students and future colleagues! Leave all your doubts and fear behind, medicine is the right choice for your future profession!  


Olga S. Kobyakova, 

Rector of Siberian State Medical University

MD, D.Med.Science, professor


Olga S. Kobyakova

Thesis “Clinical and genetic analysis of the variability in the level of IL-5 in patients with atopic asthma” (2001)

Doctoral thesis “Clinical and pathogenetic characteristics and basic therapy of severe uncontrolled asthma” (2005)  

Olga S. Kobyakova became the acting rector in June 2014 and elected rector of Siberian State Medical University in September 2015.

In 1997 she graduated with honors from the Faculty of General Medicine of Siberian State Medical University, completed residency (major in Internal Medicine ) and then continued her education with post-graduate and doctoral studies. 

After graduation Olga Kobyakova worked as an allergist at Tomsk regional clinical hospital. 

From 2003 to May 2014 Olga Kobyakova worked in the Healthcare Department of the Tomsk region. Started as chief physician, she was later promoted to the head of the department.

As a chief physician of the Department of Healthcare, O. Kobyakova developed and implemented a program to combat hypertension in the Tomsk region (2004-2008). The program opened offices providing first-aid to the patients with hypertension and started a campaign in the media to promote a healthy lifestyle and measures needed for its prevention.

The program was a success: cardiovascular diseases and hypertension mortality rate dicreased by 8% and by 13% in Tomsk region. 

As deputy head of the regional health department Olga Kobyakova spun off a project to create the network of general medical practices in Tomsk Region (2006-2010).

During the implementation of the program the number of general medical practices in the Tomsk region increased from 8 to 101. 

In 2008 Olga Kobyakova established and headed the department of general practice ofSibMED. The department deals with training of physicians for the regions of the Siberian Federal District.

In 2010 Olga Kobyakova was awarded the title of professor of the department of general practice. In 2012 she was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation.

In 2012-2014 Olga Kobyakova completed the MBA Kingston University course in the field of "Strategic Management" (London).

Olga Kobyakova is a member of the Scientific Council of Siberian State Medical University, Dissertation Council and the Commission for preliminary consideration of theses in the field of Pneumology.


Contact Information:

Address: 634050, Tomsk, Moscovsky Trakt, 2

Tel. 8 (3822) 530-423 


Working hours: Monday-Thursday: 8.30 -17.12; Friday: 8.30 -16.12