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A student from SibMed took the 2nd place in BioHack 2019


The III bioinformatics hackathon BioHack 2019 that united 114 participants from different Russian regions finished in Saint Petersburg.

Three students from the Medical and Biological Department of SibMed took part in BioHack 2019: Anastasia Dyagel (major -  Medical Biophysics), Aryuna Ayusheeva (major – Medical Cybernetics) and Ignat Sonets (major – Medical Biochemistry).

Twenty five teams were formed during the hackathon. The participants were divided into teams according to their interest in the proposed projects. So all three students from SibMed ended up in different teams.

The SclerNET team with Anastasia Dyagel as a member took the 2nd place in the hackathon.  Anastasia was investigating the issue of missing heritability of atherosclerosis and its complications. During the contest the team processed multiple data, developed a disease module and designed a web-service that can process similar data at the click of a mouse. 

‘It is a well-known fact that causes of diseases are not only exogenous, but endogenous as well. There are ready-made databases with gene setups associated with certain diseases. Due to the developed web-service we can identify new genes associated with a certain disease. And this development can be applied not only to atherosclerosis, but to other diseases as well’, Anastasia Dyagel explained.   

The team that took the 2nd place was awarded with a 100,000 RUB certificate. They will continue to work on the project and have established new tasks for the nearest future.

Ignat Sonets and Aryuna Ayusheeva, being members of other teams, also worked on the projects. Ignat’s team developed an algorithm for intraspecies and Interspecies comparison of different organisms according to scRNA sequencing data. Aryuna’s  team was predicting the cytomegalovirus infection according to the repertoire.