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Dear colleagues, students, postgraduate students and residents!


I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of a new academic year!

This holiday is especially important to every person, since every one of us used to study at school, then at colleges and universities and we still cherish memories about these times.

A new academic year begins; it will be full of both difficult and happy moments, great impressions and new accomplishments! It is a new stage for every one of us.

This year more than 1,449 new students from 68 Russian regions and 28 countries have been enrolled in Siberian State Medical University.

Dear first-year students! Today one of your dreams has come true: having passed challenging tests, you have become students of a medical university. In our university, which is the only flagship medical university in Russia, you will be educated by outstanding teachers, scientists and doctors, whose names are renowned in Russian healthcare. Your professional way will be tough, but you will be rewarded for this hard work with an opportunity to help people. So study and absorb knowledge that is eagerly shared by our teachers!

I wish teachers and parents professional accomplishments, wisdom and patience! I wish students excellent grades, new discoveries and exciting events in the upcoming academic year!

I wish everyone good health, wellbeing and optimism! Let the new academic year become the year of accomplishments, both professional and personal victories!

Olga S. Kobyakova