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«Hit the target»: a team of researchers affiliated with SibMed is attempting to introduce a novel targeted drug delivery system that can improve the treatment efficiency»


Today, the development of effective targeted drug delivery has an emerging significance to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Magnetic iron nanoparticles can be used as magnetic drug delivery vehicles. However, while the magnetic nanoparticles have been intensively investigated over the past 40 years, the biological properties of iron nanoparticles are still not fully understood.

In 2007, as a student of Siberian State Medical University, Ivan Milto (D.Biol.Sci, professor of the Morphology and General Pathology Department) had expressed his interest in studying biological properties and effects of magnetic iron nanoparticles. He gathered a group of his fellows from SibMed and young researchers from the Department of Structural Macrokinetics of Tomsk Scientific Center of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science (DSM TSC SB RAS) to start a long-term research project on magnetic nanoparticles.

The project has gathered considerable momentum in recent years. The research was consistently supported by the federal and local funding programs that aim to support research projects on developing and investigating the properties of magnetically modulated targeted drug delivery systems based on iron nanoparticles 

In 2019 Ivan Milto received ‘The Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation for strengthening state support of young Russian scientists - candidates and doctors of sciences.’ This significant event has marked a new stage in research concerning the effect of iron nanoparticles used for targeted drug delivery on hematopoiesis (blood formation).  

«Without any doubt, I can say that funding support is essential for researchers; it allows them to take their work to a new, better level, as well as extend the breadth and range of the study. Our research team is now focusing on investigating the effect of magnetic nano constructions on hemogenesis (the formation of blood cells in the living body: erythrocytes leukocytes and thrombocytes – editors note) in a model experiment», - outlined Ivan Milto.

The research project has excellent prospects, though, because this study aims to answer the fundamental questions of science. The results of the study will help to improve the patients' quality of life through the transition from trial-and-error medicine to personalized medicine and hi-tech healthcare, including the rational application of medicines (primarily antibacterial ones).

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