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SibMed Research Centers comprise an impressive academic unit that fosters excellence through its research. The Research Centers promote the application of modern methods to conduct clinical and academic research of the highest quality and aim at creating an integrated system of Research and Innovation with the help of scientists from all over the world. 

The Research Centers also train highly qualified specialists in priority areas of medical science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation. 

Siberian State Medical University hosts a vast number of research centers in the following fields of study:


Molecular Medicine

Research Center for Molecular Medicine focuses on understanding the molecular basis of diseases and conducts research on the molecular cellular pathology and molecular genetics.


The priority research areas are: 

Molecular Cellular Pathology:

  • molecular mechanisms of intercellular cooperation, assessment of cell differentiation;
  • mechanisms of regulation of apoptosis;
  • evaluation of the molecular mechanisms of oxidative modification of protein molecules


Molecular Genetics:

  • Evaluation of gene expression of apoptosis regulatory proteins, cell proliferation and differentiation;
  • identification of genetic markers of diseases

Innovative Technologies in Morphology

Established in 2010 at the department of morphology and general pathology of the biomedical faculty of SibMed, the research center has become one of the University’s leading RCs.


The main goal is to implement innovative, scientific and educational projects and programs by organizing and putting into practice the research on the latest cytological and histological methods.


Research projects: 

• Molecular biology and cellular mechanisms of development and progression of socially important pathologies

• Fundamentals of environmentally friendly technologies in obtaining fluorine-18 and iodine-123 containing organic compounds to generate radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine

• The role of intercellular cooperation disorders in the pathogenesis of adipose tissue inflammation in the metabolic syndrome

• Development and study of the biological properties of systems, magnetically targeted delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic products based on iron nanoparticles

Pharmacy and Pharmacology (Pharmaceuticals)

The Research Center was established in 2010 at SibMed and Pharmacology Institute. It is engaged in research, development of pharmaceutical products and technologies in accordance with the development program of the Pharmacy Faculty of SibMed.

Biocompatible materials and Bioengineering

The Research Center came out of joint projects and grant programs of Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Russian Academy of Sciences.


The research areas are: 

  • development of biocompatible materials;
  • bio-engineering technology;
  • cell technology;
  • biomedical and veterinary technologies of life support and protection of humankind and animals;
  • nanotechnologies and nanomaterials; genomic and post-genomic technology of medicines;
  • technologies reducing the risk and consequences of natural and man-made disasters;
  • eco-friendly and energy-efficient production and processing of agricultural raw materials and food.

Laser technologies in medical diagnostics

The RC was established in 2005 jointly by Siberian State Medical University and the Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS within the framework of the project "Scientific-organizational, methodological and technical support for the organization and support of research and education centers in the field of medicine and the implementation through an integrated use of material, technical and human capacities of joint research and development".

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

Established in 2007, the Research Center is an integrated system of research, education and innovation in the field of Immunoepidemiology, Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics.


The research center implements a vast number of cross-disciplinary scientific and technological projects and educational programs in the field of Immunoepidemiology and Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics.

Since its foundation the research center is one of the champions in raising funds from institutional investors, including international grants.

Research center of evidence-based medicine

The Research Center aims at improving the quality of medical education, research and medical activities based on the use, distribution and development of modern technologies in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine.

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