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 Siberian State Medical University Research Laboratories bring together scientists and students engaged in medical research in various fields. The concept is based on providing infrastructure for effective cooperation to implement a wide range of scientific projects.


SibMed laboratories conduct regular scientific seminar series to encourage the exchange of ideas and recent results. Taking part in these seminar series is an exceptional opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in laboratory research, get experience and start a career in medical research. 


Explore the Siberian State University Research Laboratories. 


Laboratory of Clinical and Experimental Pathophysiology

The Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with the latest equipment and highly trained personnel that allows for research in the most important areas of modern biomedical sciences.

Laboratory of Histological, Immunohistochemical and electron microscopy methods

The laboratory is located at the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology and is the basis for meeting the needs of the educational and research processes. It provides highly specialized scientific and educational assistance based on the latest achievements of medical science in the morphology.


Priority research and areas of interest: 

  • Research on the current challenges in morphology in medicine
  • Histological and histochemical diagnosis of compensatory-adaptive, reparative and pathological processes in organs and tissues
  • The morphometric study of histological material from the laboratory animals in normal and pathological conditions in the experiment
  • Immunohistochemical examination of human tissues and laboratory animals on paraffin sections using monoclonal antibodies (diagnostic and prognostic)
  • Ultramicroscopic examination of tissues and organs of laboratory animals using electron microscopic techniques.

Plant Biology Lab

The Lab studies fundamental mechanisms in plant development and genetics that impact crop productivity, biodiversity of medicinal plants. 

The primary purpose of the Lab is to develop and cultivate medicinal plants.

• Development of cultivation technology proposed for medical practice of new medicinal plants

• Preparing of regulatory documents on the technology of cultivation and quality assessment of the proposed new species of cultivated medicinal raw materials

• Registration of patent applications for for invention concerning the technology of cultivation of medicinal plants

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology

The primary purpose of the lab is to provide SibMed students, interns, post-graduate students of pharmaceutical faculty and TPU with the opportunities to conduct research and develop their practical skills.

The Lab also aims at training highly qualified specialists in the field of development and production of medicines.


Priority research areas and areas of interest:

  • Research on the creation of medicines, supplements and pharmaceutical technologies
  • University and postgraduate training of pharmacists
  • Development and training of pharmaceutical professionals

Laboratory of processing of biomedical information

The Lab aims at the implementation of educational, research, innovation and analytical activities in modeling and processing of biomedical information, as well as training highly qualified specialists in the field of mathematical biology and bioinformatics.

Laboratory of biological modeling

Laboratory of biological modeling is designed to maintain and monitor the physical wellbeing of laboratory animals (rats, mice, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs) for the experimental studies that are conducted by SibMed students, graduate students and laboratory staff. The researchers have a unique opportunity to implement their knowledge and improve their practical skills and treatment choices in the Lab.

Laboratory of electrosurgery

The Laboratory was established in 2011 as a result of cooperation between SibMed and "FRANCIS Medical" - the first Russian company to master the production of medical electrosurgical equipment under the Soering GmbH license. 

Now the Laboratory provides a sufficient set of advanced software tools for the medical imaging reconstruction and 3D-modelling: 3D-sliser, Mimex-Materialise, COMSOL, the cluster software Skif-Siberia and others.


Priority research areas: 

• Physical fundamentals and principles of electrosurgical devices, new devices and systems in electrosurgery

• Innovative medical technology on the basis of electrosurgical instruments and systems

• High-performance computing based on super-computers