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We strongly recommend students to NOT leave the country for holidays aſt er the
1st semester.

  1. There is very little time for travel
  2. It is good to have this time to resolve unexpected academic or other issues.
1 September
1 - 31 January
17 academic weeks and
2 examination weeks
  • At the end of each semester (in January and June), 
    students take their term exams in the subjects
    they have studied, in accordance with the curriculum 
    approved by the Ministry of Education and Science 
    of the Russian Federation.
  • Most students have summer holidays during July and
    August. However, depending on the curriculum, 
    students may have internships during this time.
  • Students do not study on offi cial holidays.
1 February
1 - 30 June
18 academic weeks and
3 examination weeks

Official Holidays in the Russian Federation

January 1, 2 January 7 February 23 March 8 May 1 May 9 June 12 November 4
New Year Orthodox Christmas Defender of the Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Spring and Labor Day Victory Day Independence Day Conciliation and Goodwill Day

Extending student visa and extension of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation

To extend the student visa and the stay on the territory of the Russian Federation a foreign citizen must come one month before the end of the previous study visa in the International Department, Room 212, Moskovsky tract 2, building 18 and submit the following documents:

  • Passport (original);
  • Passport copy (personal details and passport validity);
  • Visa (original);
  • Visa copy;
  • Migration card (original) with a mark of border control and the purpose of entry «Study»;
  • Migration card copy;
  • Copy of the contract – 1 copy;
  • 1 photo size 3.0*4.0 cm, matte, color.