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SibMed dormitories use the pass system.
The pass system and internal rules and regulations on campus are aimed at securing safety, maintaining public order, and preserving the property of SibMed. Residents should produce their entrance passes when entering the dormitory.

The following actions are forbidden in the SibMed dormitories:

  • being under the infl uence of alcohol, toxic or narcotic substances
  • exchanging or dividing, letting, booking, buying, or making disposition of the rooms allocated in the University’s dormitory
  • moving to another room or dormitory without permission keeping pets
  • relocating furniture, equipment and other dormitory property from one room to another
  • making any replanning, rearrangement, remodeling or refurbishment in the dormitories and common spaces without due permission
  • redecorating or tampering with the wiring
  • it is forbidden to use kerosene stoves, similar equipment or any other source of open fire
  • smoking or drinking alcohol
  • having overnight guests without the administration’s permission
  • it is strictly forbidden to keep, sell or use narcotic substances and their analogues or any sort of weapon


  • The dormitory entrance hours for residents are 06:00-24:00. If a dormitory resident is likely to arrive on campus late, they are required to get entrance permission from the dormitory administration specifying the reason for their late arrival
  • Visiting hours at the dormitory are 10:00-22:00
  • Dormitory residents’ close relatives and other guests may temporarily stay at the dormitory with the administration’s written permission and the agreement of roommates. The duration of their stay in SibMed Dormitory is up to three days and is determined by the administration of the dormitory.
  • To enter the dormitory, a guest should produce an ID document/passport in the presence of the resident host
  • It is prohibited to use somebody else’s entrance pass when entering the dormitory

Disciplinary action, up to expulsion, will be applied to those residents who fail to meet campus policy rules, internal dormitory rules and regulations, fi re safety rules and sanitary norms.