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Anastasia P. Zima, Head of the Centralized Clinical and Diagnostic Lab of the Siberian State Medical University Hospital, Doctor of Medical Sciences

The Centralized Clinical and Diagnostic Lab allows for biochemical, general clinical (including hematological, copro-parasitological), immunological, immunochemical, hemostasiological, immunohematological, molecular biological, and bacteriological studies. The Siberian State Medical University Lab carries out about 5,800 studies per day.

The Lab is staffed with high-performance modern equipment, which makes it possible to carry out expert-quality research in a short time.

It has FSVOK, Riqas certificates

Types of laboratory tests performed

  • Hematological studies
  • General clinical research
  • Biochemical studies
  • Coagulologic studies
  • Hormone studies
  • Immunological studies
  • Serological studies
  • Sanitary tests
  • Microbiological analyzes