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Let Food Be the Medicine: SibMed Plans to Collaborate with the EFKO Group


Acting Rector of SibMed – Prof. Evgeny Kulikov and Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Research and Education – Prof. Olga Fedorova have successfully discussed cooperating with the EFKO Group. Mutually beneficial cooperation between the first flagship medical university in Russia and one of the largest agro-industrial holdings will be based on joint research activities. 

One of the most exciting and forward-looking areas of cooperation for Siberian State Medical University is studying the effect of promising EFKO products (for example, low-calorie fats, vegetable meat, sugar substitutes, etc.) on human metabolism. Partnering in this area will allow SibMed researchers to track further development of the personalized nutrition market. The formation of the shared database, comprising data and research results on the impact of consumed products on human health and activity, will allow making the transition to personalized and functional nutrition much faster and, as a result, improve the quality of life of the population.

It is necessary to highlight, that the EFKO Group fosters innovation through carrying out an extensive program of new product and technology development, implementing and improving the Group's quality control system, and automating its business processes. The company is also actively developing promising areas in the FoodTech field.

‘Approximately 10% of men and 14% of women aged 18 and over are overweight. The same is true for children. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2013, more than 42 million children under 5 were overweight, – commented Prof. Olga Fedorova. - Nowadays, obesity prevention has been the subject of considerable effort at the international level. In this regard, one of the promising approaches is the development of a personalized strategy of health preservation, which is based on a comprehensive analysis of individual parameters, as well as a specific approach to health preservation, which allows not only to prevent the development of obesity but achieve optimal levels of physical and mental functioning’.

The participation of the EFKO Group in the functional nutrition program as an industrial partner of SibMed will allow combating childhood obesity as efficiently as possible and implement the agenda for the introduction of targeted and functional nutrition.

​SibMed cooperation with the EFKO Group is an excellent chance to build a long-term partnership. Within the cooperation framework, organizations plan to develop unique research and educational programs and socially significant projects aimed at improving the quality of life and caring for the population's health.