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SibMed became an industry leader in healthcare


SibMed won in the second stage of the "Priority 2030" program held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in "Industry (regional) leadership". The University entered the third group and will receive a special grant equal to 142 million rubles.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation selected 46 universities from all federal districts for the special grant of the program. There are 6 medical universities among the chosen institutions.

“I would like to congratulate the entire team of our university on the victory and thank you for working on the program. Together we managed to rethink the SibMed role in the global agenda and, taking into account our strengths and many years of experience, to react to the challenges which the healthcare system is facing today – "personnel" and "technologies". We have started to implement strategic projects to solve the industry problems. Each project embodies the transformation of departments by combining the global and national research agenda, advanced clinical practice and new educational technologies. Thus, SibMed as an industry leader will form a new image and perception of a medical worker in Russia," commented SibMed Rector Evgeny Kulikov.

The first project "Precision medicine" will make SibMed a research center at the national level, which will provide training for medical researchers and scientists, carry out scientific projects and implement their results into practical healthcare. The project "Bionic digital platforms" will provide training for the digital transformation of the industry. The third project "Targeted theranostics" is aimed at the development of innovative drugs and promising systems for their delivery.

TSU, TPU and TUSUR also received the special grant of the Priority 2030 program. Governor of the Tomsk Region Sergey Zhvachkin congratulated the universities.