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SibMed announced the results of the Best Scientist contest


Siberian State Medical University chose Best Scientists in the third quarter of 2021.

Head of the Center for Biological Research and Bioengineering, Candidate of Biological Sciences Alexandra Pershina became the Best Scientist. Alexandra Pershina has prepared three first quartile articles. Moreover, she is a co-executor of the research program "Development of genome editing technologies for solving innovative problems of biomedicine and diagnostics" as part of the Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Genetic Technologies for 2019–2027.

Associate Professor of the Medical and Biological Cybernetics Division and Candidate of Medical Sciences Ivan Tolmachev became the Best Young Scientist. Ivan Tolmachev also heads the "Bionic Digital Platforms" program as part of "Priority-2030". Besides, he is a co-author of the first quartile article "Clinical Evaluation of Different Treatment Strategies for Motor Recovery in Poststroke Rehabilitation during the First 90 Days".

Second-year postgraduate student Valeriya Prokopyeva, who is a co-author of the article "Children's morbidity and mortality in the 19th century Western Siberia: a review of historical medical records", was awarded the title of the Best Beginning Scientist.

Sixth-year students of the Biomedicine Department Alisa Vasilieva and Daria Kazantseva became the Best in Student Science. Their project "Proteolytic activity of catalytic antibodies in major endogenous mental disorders: prospects in differential diagnosis and prognosis of the course of schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder" received support from the Russian Science Foundation.

The winners will receive awards and gifts from the University.