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Artificial intelligence will help doctors monitor patients


SibMed scientists are developing a hybrid artificial intelligence technology for control systems in medical cyber-physical systems. The peculiarity of the invention is in combining data-based and knowledge-based systems to support medical decision-making. 

The miniaturization and cheapening of modern computing and communication devices make it possible to create single-circuit cyber-physical systems. These systems, with the help of several sensors and actuators, collect and process information in physical and biological objects and control processes in them. Via feedback things happenning in a physical or biological system affect the calculations and vice versa.

As part of the strategic project "Bionic Digital Platforms" of the Priority 2030 program, scientists of Siberian State Medical University are developing this hybrid artificial intelligence technology to control medical cyber-physical systems. 

At the moment, the technology is being successfully used to assess the biomechanical parameters of human movement in the rehabilitation of movement disorders. It is also applied in order to optimize the nutrition profile in premature babies while continuously monitoring blood sugar levels.