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Employees of the SibMed laboratory are developing new methods of combating chronic non-communicable diseases


The scientific and educational laboratory "Living Lab of Population Research" have brought together specialists from different fields of medicine to carry out interdisciplinary research projects. The work is aimed at creating an ecosystem for testing technologies to prevent main causes of mortality in order to improve quality of life and increase life expectancy. The team has already made a work plan for the next two years. The laboratory was formed at the SibMed Pediatrics Department in November 2021 as part of the strategic project "Precision Medicine" of the "Priority 2030" program. 

The Living Lab is a patient-oriented open ecosystem based on collaborative creativity that combines scientific research and innovative processes in real-life conditions. This definition is widely used all over the world. The staff of the SibMed Living Lab of Population Research are working on the pool of competencies for planning and conducting modern biomedical research. The team plans to achieve the goal not only by conducting scientific projects, but also by training other specialists in the field of biomedicine. 

"We study the best practices that exist in Russia and in the world in order to spread the knowledge at SibMed. Most students and staff members of our University have definitely heard about many things, but they needed to look for this knowledge somewhere outside the University. We want to make the information more accessible. For example, knowledge in the field of epidemiology and biobanking, which is necessary in any biomedical research, is most often acquired in the work process by trial and error. This may reduce the quality of results if methods have been chosen incorrectly," says Ekaterina Kamenskikh, Head of the Living Lab of Population Research.