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SibMed team took first place at regional Olympiad in ecology between universities


The regional stage of the subject Olympiad in ecology attended by students of Tomsk universities has come to an end. The SibMed team scored 271 points and became the winner. Students had to write tests and solve creative tasks which required knowledge from the field of ecology and erudition. 

"Participants had to answer questions from various subfields of modern ecology. Questions were entertaining and sometimes tricky, I remember the task about the Fukushima nuclear power plant," said Valeriya Sharafutdinova, a member of the SibMed team.

The SibMed team included 4th-year students of the Pharmacy Department: Ekaterina Khovrich, Valeriya Sharafutdinova, Anna Vetrova, Kseniya Cheboltasova, Valeriya Shidlovskaya, Dariya Molokova, Anastasiya Berezhnaya and Vladislava Sharyshova took part in the Olympiad. Ekaterina Khovrich also took second place in the individual championship. Valeriya Sharafutdinova occupied third place.

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Division Nataliya Kolomiets and Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Division Nataliya Abramets trained the SibMed team.

Earlier, SibMed joined the Association of Green Universities of Russia. This happened due to the EcoMed movement. Its participants raise environmental awareness among students and staff. They hold events and cleanup days, create guidelines for separate waste collection, talk about reusable alternatives to disposable items, share useful eco-friendly habits.