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From Colombia to SibMed: international student told about studies and life in Tomsk


The information portal published an interview with a SibMed graduate from Colombia, Valentina Maria Ibañez Alvarez. 
She told reporters why she chose Tomsk and how she spent her student years. 

Before entering SibMed, Valentina had studied Russian at Tomsk Polytechnic University for a year. She came to study in Russia because she wanted to get education abroad. She chose Tomsk because it is more effective for a foreigner to study language and culture here than in large cities.

"I wanted something more – to understand different people, a different continent, a different climate. That's why I wanted to go to Russia that much!" shared the graduate.

Since childhood, the young woman dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping people. She entered the SibMed General Medicine Department and studied in Russian, despite the possibility of studying in an English-language program. The University attracted Valentina with a century-old history, extensive experience in teaching doctors and high positions in rankings. 

"When I started studying and getting to know my groupmates, it turned out that people come to SibMed from different regions of Russia. And I am very glad that I graduated from SibMed," said Valentina.

The graduate admitted: the first years of study were not easy. Groupmates supported and helped Valentina, and in six years they became real friends. Later she began to prepare for classes in advance, read literature and memorize unfamiliar words. Topographic anatomy turned out to be the most difficult subject for the student due to her lack of knowledge of the language. Neurobiology became the most favorite one due to the accessible manner of teaching. 

Valentina had an internship in the SibMed Clinics. She had difficulties communicating with patients because of her accent, but the help of her groupmates made everything better.  

"They were friendly – they were very interested why I am here and how I study. I remember treating an old lady who asked me every day how I was doing and whether I had eaten. It was very touching," added Valentina.

According to the graduate, many residents of Tomsk helped her and treated her well. That is why now, after graduating from the University, Valentina decided to become a clinical resident and find a job here in a medical institution. This is how the graduate wants to thank the city for a warm welcome.