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Employment Catalyst: SibMed student helps others to build careers


Today SibMed is known as a university with a high quality of medical education. However, employers pay attention to many other characteristics of candidates applying for a job. Vladislav Gapchuk, a fourth-year student of the Pharmacy Department, helps students to become "ideal candidates" for employers. 

Vladislav is the author of the PRO5 project and one of the winners of the SibMed grant competition. The project has a self-explanatory name: it comprises five stages and is aimed at developing the skills that students need for successful employment and further work. 

"Such skills include stress resistance, time management, emotional intelligence, communication and empathy. These skills are not taught in the classroom although they are very important for a professional. Special attention is paid to job interviews: what questions are most often asked and why, how to behave when communicating with a future employer," explains Vladislav. 

The project has finished. In total, it helped about 50 people, most of whom graduated from the University in 2022. The project consisted of lectures and trainings and real-life practice. SibMed psychologists supported the project: they prepared materials for lectures and conducted trainings for participants.

Vladislav held the final stages of the project at the Career Track forum. Students had interviews with employers and found medical organizations for practice. Some even managed to make the most significant step – to decide on a future workplace. 

"Quite often I have heard that my friends and acquaintances are experiencing difficulties in finding a job. Therefore, I decided that the problem is topical. This is how the PRO5 project was born. It's normal if some participants failed to find a job during the project, the acquired skills will definitely come in handy," said Vladislav.

Since 2021, SibMed has held a grant competition for extracurricular activities (as part of the Priority 2030 program).