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Congratulations of the SibMed Rector on the Day of Knowledge


Dear colleagues, students of the University and Medical and Pharmaceutical College, residents and postgraduate students! I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge!

Today, almost two thousand people have joined our large SibMed team — 1207 bachelors and specialists, 187 students of secondary vocational education, 525 clinical residents and 35 postgraduate students. People from different parts of the country and the world have now become one family, and together we are starting to write a new page in the SibMed history.

I would like to congratulate teachers and staff members, deans and everyone who participates in the educational process. Even in summer you continued to work and improve your knowledge. You carefully prepared for new meetings with students. I sincerely thank you for your huge contribution to the development of the University!

A difficult academic year is ahead and we all have to study and work a lot. I hope that you had good and productive holidays, met family and friends. It is high time to come back to your classrooms, clinical bases and laboratories. For the first time in two years, we are starting the academic year in buildings. That is why now it is especially important to take care of each other. The University has taken all necessary measures and has recommendations for the prevention of the COVID-19 spread. SibMed has always been an example of responsible attitude to health.

Dear friends, I sincerely wish you success, strength, patience and mutual understanding! We hope that this academic year will be full of new achievements and opportunities for you. Good luck!

SibMed Rector,

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Kulikov Evgeny S.