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SibMed employees presented the University at the international forum "Rosmedobr-2022"


SibMed representatives headed by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexander Miroshnichenko took part in the international forum "Rosmedobr-2022". The main topic of the annual event was the competence of a medical worker: its identification, assessment and improvement, training of specialists competent for 2030. 

Alexander Miroshnichenko became a participant of the round table discussion "New specialties and education programs: today's challenges". In other sections, he presented reports "Staffing of medical universities in Russia" and "Digitalization of documents in education programs: principles and first steps of developing IT solutions".

Alexander Miroshnichenko heads the SibMed strategic project "Transformation of medical and pharmaceutical education" as part of the "Priority 2030" program.

"The modern model of medical and pharmaceutical education, which is being formed at SibMed today, takes into account many aspects: the introduction of a teacher training system, digitalization of educational processes, integration of education, science and clinical practice to improve the quality of training for medical and pharmaceutical specialists. However, it is impossible to create a model that would meet the needs of all educational institutions in one university, so such platforms are important for the exchange of experience," commented Alexander Miroshnichenko. 

SibMed was also represented by Denis Diakov, Deputy Head of the SibMed Department of Resources for Educational Activities, who made a report on the topic "Organizational and management model of material and technical support of educational activities".

The University experts actively participated in the discussion of almost all forum topics and offered promising ideas, including ones to improve the professional standard of "Higher School Teacher".