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SibMed students and employees can develop startups in the TomskHUB accelerator


The TomskHUB accelerator starts on October 1. It is a regional educational program. TomskHUB will give authors of innovative and technological projects an opportunity to gain skills under the guidance of mentors and experts. These skills will help to do business and launch their own startups in the future. 

The authors of the projects shall meet the following criteria:

  • minimum viable product (a test version with a minimum set of features),
  • a startup is based on a new technology, idea or scientific research,
  • you are in Tomsk and ready to work with a mentor.

You can apply by clicking on the link.

Detailed information about TomskHUB and the event program are available on the website.

This year accelerator program for IT projects will take two months. Leading Tomsk businessmen, heads of large companies and marketing specialists will hold lectures, workshops and round table discussions. At the end of the training participants will defend projects. They will compete for a prize of 500,000 rubles for the development of business ideas.

The TomskHUB project is organized by the Administration of the Tomsk Region, Center for Innovative Development of the Tomsk Region and Rubius.

Contact details:

Margarita Menshchikova