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SibMed urologists removed an 8 kg tumor


A 27-year-old man had been ill since 2020. He was operated on and underwent several courses of chemotherapy. But the disease continued to progress. After other clinics refused to provide surgical intervention, the patient went to the SibMed University Clinics to the Head of the Urology Department Viktor Latypov.

At the time, the patient had a big tumor measuring approximately 25x20cm in the retroperitoneal space in the left part of the abdomen. Doctors of the Urology Department performed a seven-hour operation to remove the tumor with minimal blood loss.

The SibMed specialists managed to preserve all the vital organs. The operation was successful. The patient was discharged and recommended to continue treatment on an outpatient basis.

In the photo: the Head of the Urology Department of SibMed University Clinics Viktor Latypov, urologist Roman Matrosov and clinical resident Zahid Gasimov.