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Irina A. Galtsova

Head of the Center



The Center for Medical Technology Transfer is responsible for ensuring smooth transfer of medical technologies to the market and reducing time to introduce medical technologies, diagnostic methods, and treatment to practical health care. Also, it has to create an effective management system at SibMed that can help improving the quality of life and the health status of the population in Tomsk Region. 

Core functions

  • Searching and bringing in promising projects for transferring into practical health care, considering its needs for new highly effective diagnostic and treatment technologies and medicines.
  • Providing legal, economic and information support for comprehensive fundamental and applied research to overcome translational barriers (project appraisal, evaluation, audit, consulting, intellectual property protection, project support at the implementation stage).
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  •  Searching and solicitating resources (financial, human, material and technical) that can ensure the creation of new biomedical and pharmaceutical technologies and their active implementation in medical practice.
  • Developing single system for interaction between scientific and clinical units to ensure conditions for effective use of their infrastructural capabilities (including expanding capabilities to ensure mutual access to scientific research equipment).
  • Reducing the timing of the development, implementation, and organization of production of the most popular innovative medical products by creating attractive conditions for the implementation of scientific ideas, as well as promoting potentially sought-after research projects on the market of medical goods and services.
  • Ensuring integrated design for clinical drug trials, testing medical devices, and conducting clinical trials in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation and international standards for research/testing for customers.
  • Helping to promote intellectual activity obtained during the implementation of complex projects in the economic and civil stream of commerce in Russian Federation and abroad.
  • Developing SibMed information environment, ensuring close interaction among scientists and developers from various fields, practical healthcare specialists, investors and government representatives.

Small Innovative Enterprises developed under SibMed auspices



ZAO „Aldomed“

The company is engaged in the development and organization of industrial production of disinfectants based on new active components of domestic production. The product is named „Dinovis“ – formaldehyde free substance used for the disinfection of veterinary goods and the prevention of infectious animal diseases.

OOO „Innovatsionnye komunikatsii“

The company is engaged in the production of veterinary drugs based on plant-based biologically active substances.

  • Veterinary drug "Bioferron" is a liquid multicomponent concentrate intended for use in animal husbandry as a feed additive that is a source of iron and vitamin C.
  • Veterinary drug “Biocinc” is a liquid multicomponent concentrate intended for use in poultry farming, as a feed additive for repair young and parent stock that is a source of zinc and carotenoids.

OOO „Smart Innovatsii“

Company is developing a new generation insulin pump that mimics the insulin secretion of pancreatic function in a healthy person.

OOO „Meditsinskie informatsionnye sistemy“

The company is engaged in the creation and implementation of an educational information product that allows to maintain patient‘s electronic medical record.

OOO „ADI Communications“

The company is developing integrated medical information systems; working on automation of medical, scientific, clinical and educational activities; and creating devices for interaction with biosystems.

OOO „Arctic Medical Training“

Simulation Training Center for training medical and non-medical personnel to work in extreme conditions, including the Arctic area of the Russian Federation. Courses: ALS (Advanced Life Support), ITLS (International Trauma Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support), BLS AED, First aid level 1, 2, 3, Offshore course, and TTT course under EUSim supervision, 2nd level.

OOO „Institut analiza i prognoza v zdravoohranenii“

The company provides outsourcing services for analytical, statistical and design activities, conducts career enhancement training.

OOO „NeuroMedTech“

The company is developing a device for recording physiological and pathological paroxysmal events during REM sleep at home.