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SibMed Library is the only publicly accessible medical research library in the Tomsk Region, the largest specialized library in Siberia.

The Library was organized in October 1935. Its collection was gathered mainly from the books and magazines handed over from the Division of the Medical University, from the libraries of Tomsk State University and the Dental Institute, and personal libraries of Tomsk medical scientists.

Currently, the Library collection has more than 770,000 documents, including 3,350 dissertations defended by physicians in Tomsk since 1888, more than 80,000 abstracts of dissertations defended since 1963, over 48,000 (more than 500 titles) of scientific periodicals and more 6,000 electronic publications.

More than 2.5 million full-text documents from foreign and national electronic resources are available to the University employees annually through Russian Foundation for Basic Research contests, government contracts with the Ministry of Education and Science, and by subscription.

SibMed Library mission is to ensure the availability of scientific and educational resources in stock and online, new information services that meet the users’ needs, raising cultural awareness, and helping to develop information skills for students, graduate students, and staff.

Marina V. Terekhova

Head of the SibMed Library


SibMed Library has two units

SibMed Library (central unit)

Address: Lenina, 107

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 10.00-19.00

Saturday  10.00-18.00

Sunday – day off


Library Information Center (Student Services)

Address: Moskovsky Trakt 2/7, Laboratory Division (Uchebno-laboratorny korpus)

Open 24/7

Librarians are available

  • Monday - Friday 9.00–20.00
  • Saturday 10.00–18.00

The rest of the time, work in the hall is possible only with the literature that you have on hand



Access Library database: