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Head of the Unit Scientific Head of the Unit

Alexander N. Kornetov


Head of FundamentalPsychology and Behavioral Medicine Division



Olga I. Zvonareva


Research staff at the Central Research Laboratory, SibMed

Assistant professor, Department of Health, Ethics & Society, Maastricht University


“Integrative Health Care” strategic unit consolidates research activities in the social, humanitarian, psychological and medical research fields to develop human-centered solutions for health care management systems and public health.


  • Achieving breakthrough results in the field of comprehensive health research, while establishing interaction with social and human sciences, in cooperation with leading world research centers.
  • Developing innovative interdisciplinary methodologies for studying contemporary problems of public health and healthcare.
  • Training highly qualified scientific and teaching personnel in the field of integrative approaches to health and healthcare systems.
  • Achieving significant scientific results in the development of social and humanitarian competences in biomedicine, behavioral medicine and mental health, health management and health development.
  • Promoting SibMed as a competence center in the field of integrative approaches to public health and healthcare capable of influencing international agenda on the topic at stake.


  • Balancing knowledge reliability and ethical acceptability in clinical trials: from emergence of a randomized controlled trial to precision medicine (Russian Science Foundation no. 18-78-10016, 2018-2021)
  • Decision management in real clinical practice (Russian Foundation for Basic Research no.18-413-703003, 2018-2019)
  • Studying the fundamental mechanisms of risk factors of chronic noncommunicable diseases influencing the quality of life of medical workers (Russian Foundation for Basic Research no. 19-313-90046, 2019-2021)

International partners