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Head of the Unit Scientific Head of the Unit

Konstantin S. Brazovskiy

D.TECH.SC., Professor

Head of the Medical and Biological Cybernetics Division



Ilya Levin


Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, Tel Aviv University (Israel)


“IT in Medicine” strategic unit aims at conducting research in the field of information technologies for medical use and obtaining breakthrough scientific results.


  • Developing medical applications of anthropomorphic robotic systems.
  • Designing methods for assessing and correcting motor impairment using virtual and augmented reality.
  • Establishing multimodal methods for visualizing the structure and assessing the functional state of the human brain.
  • Processing the results of biomedical research, including “Big Data” in medicine and healthcare.


  • Development of an algorithm for preclinical diagnosis of equilibrium disorders in multiple sclerosis using a video motion capture system in virtual reality
  • Development of a system for diagnosing equilibrium in patients with Parkinson's disease using extremely sensitive systems for detecting movements

International partners