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Head of the Unit Scientific Head of the Unit

Tatiana V. Saprina

D.M.SC., Associate Professor

Endocrinology and Diabetology Division



Vera D. Zavadovskaya

D.M.SC., Professor

Head of the Biophysics and Functional Diagnostics Division

“Personalized Medicine” strategic unit is designed to identify the main pathogenetic mechanisms that determine the development and progression of several common and socially significant diseases. Also, it has to develop, optimize and test innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies as part of a personalized medicine strategy.


  • Studying genetic, epigenetic, transcriptome, proteomic, metabolic and metagenomic markers, as well as a combination of variable phenotypic characters in a number of common and socially significant diseases.
  • Developing methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of several common and socially significant diseases and their complications, based on an analysis of the individual characteristics of the patient.
  • Testing and optimizing methods for personalized prevention, diagnosis, treatment, abilitation and rehabilitation of patients in several common and socially significant diseases, including the application of biophysical and bio-cybernetic methods and technologies.
  • Designing a new level preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation technologies aimed at solving the fundamental and applied tasks in personalized medicine in several common and socially significant diseases.
  • Training University staff to be able to set and design tasks for developing and implementing innovative technologies in the field of personalized medicine.


  • The relationship of ferrokinetic disorders and metabolic changes in diabetes (Russian Foundation for Basic Research no. 19-315-90061, 2019-2021)
  • The diagnostic value of the determination of Ki-67, HMGA2, galectin-3 in the preoperative differential diagnosis of benign and malignant nodules of the thyroid gland (Grant of the All-Russian Contest of Youth Projects)

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