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Veoletta Aleksandrovna

Head of Department

Tel: 8 (3822) 901-101 ext. 1619
Address: 2 Moskovsky trakt


Marina Evgenevna


Tel: 8 (3822) 901-101 ext. 1619
Address: 2/7 Moskovsky trakt


Evgeniia Sergeevna


Tel: 8 (3822) 901-101 ext. 1619
Address: 2/7 Moskovsky trakt

Main facts 

  • We cooperate with universities of 30+ countries: USA, Croatia, Poland, China, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, etc.
  • SibMed annually holds lectures and teleconferences, workshops and consultations with leading medical specialists of the world
  • The opportunity to participate in 20+ programs that allow you to study and conduct research abroad
  • 600+ students, teachers and scientists visit the University annually
  • Every year scientists and specialists participate in dozens of grant programs


  • To improve the image of the University both in Russia and in the international arena through the development of educational and scientific activities in accordance with international requirements.
  • To develop and strengthen international relations and business partnerships in order to increase the competitiveness of the University.
  • To make Russian education attractive at the international level.
  • To promote Russian science and technology.  

What do we do?

  • Analyze and develop best practices from abroad
  • Organize academic mobility programs
  • Organize joint educational programs
  • Work with international students