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Department of General Medicine

Department of General Medicine is the oldest department at SibMed with long history and many scientific traditions. It is the largest department in SibMed in terms of number of graduates per year. The teaching staff consists of more than 400 employees. These are leading medical practitioners that have obtained ‘Candidate of Science’ and Doctoral degrees. Many of them combine teaching duties with practical work at University Hospital and other medical institutions in Tomsk Region. Moreover, SibMed professors are also happened to be academicians in the Russian Academy of Sciences and other research institutes.

Student training is not limited to theoretical lectures. Few of the medical universities in Russia today have such a developed clinical infrastructure as the one at SibMed. Students can practice their knowledge in the University Hospital. Several times a week the University Hospital provide emergency care services for Tomsk Region. So, students get trained in ambulance standards and learn interesting cases. Furthermore, students have access to modern medical equipment and wet mounts and can hone their skills on modern mannequins and phantoms at the University Simulation Center.

In 2009 SibMed opened its own Dental Clinic (the largest in the city). The Department of General Medicine is especially proud of the Dental Clinic because it is the center where practice and theory intertwine. All the divisions that deal with dental issues are in the clinic. Thus, teaching activities are closely linked with practice and patient care. The Clinic is equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment, the best phantom classes in the region. Lectures and master classes are organized annually by leading domestic and foreign specialists in the field of dentistry.


  • General Medicine (Russian/English tracks)
  • Dentistry

Inessa Yu. Yakimovich

Acting Dean of the Department of General Medicine

Head of the Division of Hygiene

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics was opened in 1944. The pediatrician is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children and adolescents (from birth to 18 years). The Department is responsible for training specialists able to work in children's clinics, hospitals, maternity clinics and perinatal centers. Students can practice their skills obtained in class in the University Hospital and Children’s Clinic, and the Regional Perinatal Center.


  • Pediatrics 

Victor A. Zhelev

Dean of the Department of Pediatrics

Head of the Hospital Pediatrics Division

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor 

Department of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy is the first of its kind in Siberia and the Far East established in 1941. The Department was training qualified personnel not only for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, but also for the specialized departments that opened later in other Siberian universities: in Kemerovo, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk. 

The Department of Pharmacy closely cooperates with pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, students can undergo training in specialized firms, such as “Microgen” research and production association in Tomsk, “Virion”, Tomsk Innovative Company “Artlife”, a training laboratory at “ASTRAFARMA”, a training pharmacy, the oldest provincial pharmacy in Tomsk, Tomsk regional pharmacy warehouse. While studying, students can develop and produce an experimental batch of pharmaceutical products at the SibMed Technology Implementation Center. 

The best students receive scholarships from the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as from companies “Takeda”, “P-Pharm” and “Materia Medica”.


  • Pharmacy

Kaminsky Ilya Petrovich

Ating Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

PhD in Pharmacy

Department of Biomedicine

Department of Biomedicine was opened in 1975. Currently, it is the only Department beyond the Urals that provides training of specialists for research institutes in biomedical and medical fields. Programs offered in the Department are a combination of fundamental scientific disciplines with clinical practice. These are Biochemistry, Biophysics and Cybernetics. A distinctive feature of this academic unit is the focus on the scientific training of students; every fifth graduate is a doctor or candidate of sciences. Student training is largely focused on independent work, an emphasis on the scientific activities, and obtaining practical skills necessary in various research fields. Graduate employability prospects vary; they can head large research and clinical laboratories, high-tech clinical diagnostic centers, get engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacture of medical equipment. What is more, the qualification obtained at the Department allows students to build a truly international career. Some of our graduates already work at the Institute of Human Gene Therapy, Harvard University, Vanderbilt, Stanford University and Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Germany.


  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysics 
  • Cybernetics

Svetlana V. Gusakova

Dean of the Department of Biomedicine

Head of Biophysics and Functional Diagnostics Division

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor 



Institute for Integrative Health Care

The Institute's mission 

Generation of new knowledge about integral health care, human navigation in the healing systems of the whole organism as an integral system.


  • Clinical psychology
  • Management
  • Nursing
  • Social work

Natalia A. Lukyanova

Head of Institute for Integrative Health Care

Doctor of philosophical science

Department of Distance Learning

Department of Distance Learning is responsible for ensuring the accessibility of quality education applying innovative educational technologies in the field of distance learning for the training of highly qualified specialists. The Department provides support for University staff in development of e-learning and distance learning technologies for different levels of training (pre-university training, undergraduate, specialty, training of highly qualified personnel in residency and graduate school, additional professional education). Also, University staff receives training in the field of electronic education and distance learning technologies in the department. Another important role by the Department of Distance Learning is to develop network partnerships for SibMed with other medical, educational, scientific organizations in the field of e-education in Russia and the international community.

Nadezhda V. Khomyakova

Head of the Department of Distance Learning

IMPORTANT! All the departments at SibMed receive all teaching support from the divisions. To see the list of divisions, please consult Organization Chart’.