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Get ready for entrance exams for General Medicine degree and find out why Tomsk is your best choice for study and living!

The Preparatory Course is for international students who want to enter a degree in General Medicine (English track) but still need to meet the admission requirements. This course will provide future students with intensive training in Chemistry and Biology subjects. Additionally, students that choose the course will get a chance to attend interactive seminars, where they will be taught some basics of Russian language and get to know some details about Russian culture and traditions. Moreover, current SibMed students will be invited to share their experience about studying and living in Tomsk. 

The training will be held online via the Zoom platform. Students will study in small groups 8 to 10 people. Also, individual consultation with the SibMed professors will be possible. Upon completion of the course, students take exams, after successful completion of which they will be issued a certificate.

Fast facts

The course helps prospective students to meet admission requirements for General Medicine degree (English track)

Study mode: online

Language: English

Course fee: 10 200 rub.  (134 $)

Duration: 6 weeks

Subjects: Chemistry & Biology

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More details:


Topics that will covered:

  • Atom structure and elements.
  • Chemical reactions: general principles.
  • Substances and the main types of their interactions.
  • Chemical properties of metals, non-metals and their compounds.
  • General provisions of the theory of the structure of organic compounds.
  • Organic compounds and relationships among them.
  • Stoichiometry of chemical reactions, quantitative expression of the composition of mixtures and solutions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the basic concepts and laws of chemistry.
  • Study chemical terminology and symbols in English.
  • Analyze general scientific and chemical terms that are of great importance for further professional education.
  • Learn to solve problems, draw up formulas and equations of reactions.

Subject will be taught by Ekaterina Kurcevich, Assistant to the Chemistry Division.


Topics that will covered:

  • Cell structure: organelles and biological functions.
  • Cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis, gametogenesis.
  • Mendel's laws: Mono- and polyhydric crossing.
  • Biological Basis of Heredity: Sex Linked Genes.
  • Grip and crossing over.
  • Structure and functions of the endocrine system.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop an idea of the principles of the structural and functional unit of living organisms.
  • Study the patterns of heredity and variability of living organisms, as well as the principles of genetic analysis.
  • Study the basic methods of genetics (Mendel's laws, linked inheritance), form ideas about the nature of hereditary diseases.
  • Master the basic terminology on the given topics in English language.

Subject will be taught by Ivan Osikhov, Associate Professor at the Biology and Genetics Division.

If you have any questions about the Course, please contact Institute of International Education