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Medical education world-wide varies per country. National healthcare systems set specific standards for those wishing to become a medical professional.  In this section we want to shortly explain how the medical education system looks like in Russia and what it takes for one to become a doctor.

To enter medical university in Russia, Russian students must graduate high school and pass state exams. For international students the first criterion stays the same but instead of state exams applicants are offered to take university specific entrance exams. 

At the first stage, medical universities in Russia offer two types of degrees, namely Bachelor and Specialist. Bachelor degrees are only few: Nursing Care and Social Work. The degree takes 4 years to study. After completing such education, student must take mandatory state accreditation, called Primary Accreditation. Then it is possible to start practise in the medical field as a nurse, a medical assistant or a paramedic. 

Specialist degrees can be divided into two groups. Specialist degrees in Dentistry, Pharmacy or Psychology usually take at least 5 years to study before one can start working in this field. Specialist degrees in General Medicine and Pediatrics take 6 years of study. After the completion of such degree, students can start practising as a primary care physician or a pediatrician or choose to continue their study in Residency to receive specialization that will allow them working in narrow field.  Residency length of study is 2 years.  Primary Accreditation is necessary for all who complete Specialist degrees and Residency to enter the labour market.

For those interested in medical sciences, Specialist degree graduates can opt for postgraduate studies. Also, medical universities in Russia often offer several interdisciplinary specialist degrees that are more science and technology oriented. There are degrees in medical physics, biochemistry, pharmacology and genetics. At SibMed, there is Department of Biomedicine that is specializing in this field and trains highly qualified scientific personnel.