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SibMed Hospital provides full cycle medical care: emergency, outpatient, inpatient and high-tech.
Annually, more than 100 thousand patients from 55 regions of Russia receive medical care at the Hospital. 10 times a month, University Hospital is on duty providing emergency medical care for Tomsk citizens.

The Hospital consists of several specialized clinics: In-patient Clinic, "Professor" multidisciplinary medical center, Neurology Clinic, Dental Clinic, Children’s Clinic, Ophthalmology Clinic, Assisted Reproductive Technology Center (ART Center), and diagnostic services.

The University Hospital has a special composition of staff, which means having academicians, professors, doctors, candidates of science, doctors of the highest rank and practicing students working together.

The Hospital is equipped with modern high-tech equipment provided by world manufacturers.

SibMed Hospital doctors conduct regular on-site consultations in Republic of Khakassia, Republic of Tyva and Altai Republic. Also, they provide online and telemedicine counselling for colleagues from other regions.