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The project "Tomsk Region – Wellness Area" is a comprehensive system of services aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle, prevention, monitoring of morbidity and improving the quality of life of the population of Tomsk Region. The project was initiated by the Siberian State Medical University and supported by the Government of Tomsk Region. Also, other research centers and schools that operate in Tomsk were invited to join the project. The project’s idea is that Tomsk Region should become a pilot platform for the introduction of new health-saving technologies for the Siberian region and the Russian Federation as a whole.

The project is carried out in parallel using two platforms:

Both websites contain materials such as articles concerning healthy eating, doctor notes with dietary recommendations and Q&A section that allows for Tomsk citizens to ask their questions directly to project specialists. Also, website visitors can find their the list of events that are planned for a certain period of time.

The project is aimed not only at promoting a healthy lifestyle but, also, to optimize ongoing activities. From the perspective of evidence-based medicine, active research work is being carried out. It is aimed at the prevention and early diagnosis of chronic non-infectious diseases. One of the project’s focus areas is the School of Healthy Nutrition, which was founded in 2016 for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obesity.

The School of Healthy Nutrition offers free dynamic observation by project experts (endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychologists, exercise therapy specialists). To achieve normalization of weight, non-drug treatment with elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy is used, the effectiveness of which has been proved as a result of scientific research. For an objective assessment of physical development, the effectiveness of the therapy, not only anthropometric indicators are used but, also, a determination of the composition of the body. The use of bioimpedancemetry can increase the adherence of patients and their parents to treatment, evaluate the course of weight loss, and adjust nutritional recommendations. When metabolic and hormonal status disorders are detected, a personalized correction of eating disorders, diet, vitamin deficiency and trace elements is carried out.

Activities for the public

  • Workshops about preparing healthy foods for children and their parents
  • Showing popular science films about health, followed by the discussion with expert doctors
  • Open lessons in schools (good nutrition, the benefits of dairy products, prevention of RPP)
  • Open lectures, webinars, live broadcasts for the public (raising awareness of the role of good nutrition in the prevention of chronic NCD)
  • Academy of Active Longevity (School of Healthy Nutrition, School of SD as a Way of Life, School of Osteoporosis, Hypovitaminosis and Hormonal Regulation)
  • Special promotions to measure blood glucose and blood pressure in the city's shopping center
  • “Doctors Against Myths” Project (via social media)
  • Workshop for specialists in the field of nutrition and population in the framework of the forum U-NOVUS 2018 "Development of a system of voluntary certification of healthy food products and its pilot testing in the Siberian regions"
  • A project was initiated in conjunction with the television company Tomsk Vremya - “Health Without Fanaticism”. This project is based on a book about healthy lifestyle authored by the SibMed Rector, Olga Kobyakova.

Project Team

Project Promoter

Olga S. Kobyakova

Rector of the Siberian State Medical University

Project Lead

Yulia G. Samoilova

Head of Center for Clinical Research

Project Coordinator

Darya Podchinenova

Assistant in the Children‘s Diseases Division

Press Representative

Maria Moiseenko


Marina V. Koshmeleva

Assistant in the Propaedeutics of Internal diseases Division with a Therapy Course from the Pediatric Division


Grogoriy V. Slizovskiy

Proffesor in the Pediatric Surgerical Conditions Division


Darya A. Ponomareva

Associate Proffesor in the Pediatrics Division


Elena L. Mishustina

Associate Proffesor in Propaedeutics of Internal diseases Division with a Therapy Course from the Pediatric Division


Kirill V. Rachkovskiy

Chairman of the Student Trade Union


Maria A. Rotkank

Expert in the Center for Clinical Research


Inessa Yu. Yakimovich

Associate Proffesor in the Hygiene Division


Oksana A. Oleinik

Associate Proffesor in the Endocrinology and Diabetology Division

Want to know more about the Project?

Contact: Darya Podchinenova