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Open Day: SibMed opened doors to 240 school students


On March 30, SibMed hosted an Open Day for school students who want to get acquainted with medical education and future specialties of the University. The event included the final of the pre-professional skills competition called "Medskills".

The participants underwent a 3-day training in five tracks: "Doctor", "Medicines", "Laboratory", "Leadership" and "IT medicine". They acquired basic skills of pre-medical care, analyzed medicines, studied the processes of carbohydrate digestion, got acquainted with 3D modeling programs, visited the SibMed museums and much more. After completing the training, the MedClass students wrote an exam, according to the results of which they received diplomas. The results of the competition were evaluated on a 100-point scale.

"I go to every workshop, attend every Open Day. I want to enter SibMed after school. This has been my dream since childhood and I strive to make it come true. "Medskills" makes you feel like a student and you don't want to go back to school anymore. At the workshop, I enjoyed learning about surgical knots. The first day was very impressive. We were told many things, we took notes and discussed a lot. At the end of four days, I can say one thing: acquiring new skills is cool!"

— told Anastasiia Kostenko,

one of the winners of the Medskills competition, a student of the 11th grade at Kornilovskaia School.

As part of the "MedClass" program, SibMed held an Open Day that was attended by more than 240 school students. Together with SibMed teachers and staff, the participants performed practical tasks using real medical and laboratory equipment.

Photos are available at the link.