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SibMed residents were awarded diplomas


450 clinical residents successfully completed their studies at SibMed.

For us, awarding you diplomas is important and responsible since most of you have chosen the University for the second time. This is a sign of great trust. We hope that we have met all your expectations. 

In your professional activity, remember to constantly improve your skills and be attentive to patients and colleagues. Show a keen interest in medicine. And, of course, take care about yourselves by preventing emotional burnout and supporting each other. Healthcare needs you. We are sure that each of you will make us proud.

— noted Evgeny Kulikov,

SibMed Rector

Head of Health Department for Tomsk Region Robert Fidarov, Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Education and Research Olga Fedorova and Tatyana Sivolobova, Acting Head of the Postgraduate Training Department, also congratulated the residents on the successful completion of their studies.   


Today we are congratulating you on your second graduation from the University. Medical education is unique. Every doctor continuously develops and improves their professional skills. Everywhere in the world. This is important because medical science is complex and it is constantly undergoing changes. There are revolutionary discoveries related to people's lives and health and our understanding of diseases. There is always a place for something new in medicine so you will have to continue developing professionally. And our university is ready to help you. SibMed will look forward to meeting you again in postgraduate programs, in advanced training or professional retraining programs. Set goals, strive to achieve them and do not forget your alma mater — the one that made you a doctor.

— said Olga Fedorova,

SibMed Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Education and Research.