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The Council of Industrial Partners is set up to develop network-based cooperation among leading development institutes and innovative enterprises from Russia and abroad. 

The Council of Industrial Partners is a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation and communication between the University and the industry representatives.

Scope of cooperation

  • Joint or partial participation in the development of academic and tailor-made programs and courses
  • Proposal/initiation of research projects
  • Creation/participation in the foundation of research centers in the priority field for the partner institution
  • Joint grant applications
  • Internship positions for SibMed students at a partner enterprise
  • Organization of joint events
  • Access to global intellectual resources through University partners, these are the world's leading research centers and educational institutions
  • Participation in the University strategic development planning

Every year, university scientists, together with industrial partners, submit about 50 grant applications, conduct more than 30 clinical trials, and work on joint development of medicines. Some of this work is done to implement the federal target program “Pharma 2020”.

In 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation issued to SibMed a license to produce medicines.

In cooperation with ‘Moneta’ technology company SibMed developed a new type of spirograph for remote monitoring of chronic noncommunicable diseases. Another portable device for the rapid assessment of blood coagulation was developed with ‘Mednord-Technika’. Both projects won the “Development of the National Technological Initiative” contest and received solid financial support.

With a leading national company in the field of industrial medicine ‘Center for Corporate Medicine’ SibMed implements a project focused on the creation of an innovative enterprise ‘Arctic Medical Training’. This is the only center of its kind in Russia that specializes in training medical and non-medical personnel to work on offshore platforms in the Arctic, on oil and gas fields. Another project, forth mentioning, is a joint Center for the Study of Remote Health Problems.

With ‘Android Technics’ scientific production association SibMed works on several projects aimed at the creation of systems for rehabilitation based on neuro-controlled exoskeletons, simulation robotic learning technologies.

Tomsk region offers unique innovative ecosystem that is based on fast growing IT industry. Currently, there are more than 100 IT companies based in Tomsk and Tomsk Region. This allowed for developing network-based cooperation ‘Medical IT park’ that was set up in SibMed. Moreover, the University is an active participant in the alliances of the innovative territorial cluster of the Tomsk Region “SmartTechnologiesTomsk”.