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International students in Tomsk usually live in apartments or student hostels. 

If you come for a long- term or a short-term exchange program you may be offered a room for living in University facilities.

The International Education Department offers full support for students in finding housing, as well as in communication with the owners, signing of a contract, living conditions, and migration issues. 


An average rent for an apartment with 1 room nearby university can vary from 150$ to 350$ per month.

Before renting an apartment, make sure that utility bills are included in the rent. Sometimes the rental price includes the price of electricity, water in other cases, you will have to pay extra for heating, TV antenna and the Internet.

Usually rental agreement is concluded for a period of one year. 


Often the apartments in Tomsk are offered fully furnished. We recommend checking this carefully with the owner. It is better to view the apartment before signing of the rental agreement. 

Rental agreement 

Before signing the agreement, make sure to read it carefully. It stipulates all your rights and obligations. Also, owners add the list of forbidden actions, such maybe smoking. Find out with whom to contact in case of any issues occur (example if the sewage is clogged).

If you have complaints about housing, you must first contact the person responsible for it. If you need help, you can contact your supervisor at the university.

Consult the following pages for more information about apartments and prices: