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Weather conditions and suitable clothes 

Summer in Tomsk is warm but not hot, so in July or August have a sweater and a pair of jeans with you.

In August the weather is getting colder, it often rains.

Real winter usually starts a month before the first winter day in our calendar comes; already in November everything is covered in snow and the temperature goes below -20 degrees.

Spring in Tomsk comes late, so in March people still wear winter clothes. Late spring may be warm and very rainy, but sometimes temperatures can remain low till the middle of June.

From September till mid-November you will need:

  • a light jacket (without a polyester padding) or trench coat
  • a warm polyester-padded jacket or coat
  • boots (without fur)
  • a warm sweater
  • jeans
  • sneakers and a warm tracksuit with a jacket or hoodie (for outdoor PE classes)
  • a wool hat
  • gloves
  • warm socks

From November till mid-March you will need:

  • a very warm jacket or coat (with a fur, duck feather or double polyester padding)
  • very warm winter boots with fur inside
  • a warm hat (it should cover the entire head and ears)
  • a large warm scarf (it should be large enough to cover your nose and mouth in very cold weather)
  • mittens (knitted or fur-padded)
  • warm wool socks
  • warm tights/underpants/thermal underwear
  • warm sweaters, jumpers, dresses and jeans/pants

The heating season in Tomsk lasts from September to May, so it is very warm in apartments and lecture halls. The temperature inside is usually around +25, regardless of the temperature outside.