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All SibMed students are required to obtain health insurance coverage for the duration of their studies. We recommend purchasing health insurance that covers the following:

  • Health services and medical treatments provided by general practitioners and specialists
  • House calls
  • Emergency room services and ambulance charges
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental services
  • Diagnostic imaging and screening, including X-rays and ultrasound tests, endoscopy and colonoscopy
  • Laboratory tests

The approximate cost of such insurance in Russia for 1 year is about 55-60$. 

If you have obtained a valid insurance in your home country, please check that it is recognized in Russia and obtain a list of hospitals that accept your coverage.  Please provide information about your insurance to the International Education Department.

Medical Services

In case of illness or other health problems, you can receive professional medical services at the SibMed Hospital. We advise our students to bring their medical records with them for the period of stay in Russia, especially in the event of any chronic diseases, allergies or other conditions.  


There are many drugstores around SibMed campus. Some of them are working 24/7. Many medicines are readily available for purchase in drugstores. However, it is always the best to consult with the medical professional before administering any medicines individually. If there are medicines that a student has to take regularly, we advise to take it to Tomsk (have an extra pack). Upon arrival we help to find suitable medicine in Russia that has the sameformularies and ingredients as the one purchased at home.