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The Siberian State Medical University campus includes 10 SibMed buildings located in the center of the city, academic departments in Tomsk leading medical centers/hospitals, SibMed hospital, 5 dormitories for 2,360 students, a sports and fitness complex, and a recreational center in the softwood forest on the bank of the river Ob.

SibMed Campus Map (Moskovsky Trakt)

  1. Old building of Anatomy theatre. (Staroanatomichesky korpus) ul. Lenina, 36/1
  2. Latin Department (Korpus kafedri latinskogo yazika). ul. Lenina 36 str.20
  3. Hygiene Department (Korpus kafedri gigieni). Moskovsky  trakt, 2 str.9
  4. New building of Anatomy theatre (Novoanatomichesky korpus).   Moskovsky Trakt, 2/15
  5. Utility and Construction building (Khozyaistvenny korpus). Moskovsky Trakt, 2/16
  6. Central Research Lab (TSNIL). Moskovsky Trakt, 2/ 18
  7. Laboratory Department (Uchebno-laboratorny korpus) (building blocks A, B). Admissions Office (June-August), Moskovsky Trakt, 2/7
  8. The main building (Glavny korpus). Moskovsky Trakt, 2
  9. SSMU Hospital (Kliniki SibGmu). Moskovsky Trakt, 2
  10. Admissions Office (Priemnaya komissiya) (September-May), Moskovsky Trakt, 2/20
  11. Deans’ offices (Korpus dekanatov). Moskovsky Trakt, 2 /19
  12. Student cafeteria (Studencheskaya stolovaya).
  13. Therapy Department (Uchebno-terapevtichesky korpus). Moskovsky Trakt, 2/21
  14. Dormitory of the Faculty of General medicine (Obschezhitie lechebnogo fakulteta). Moskovsky  trakt, 6/1
    Dormitory of the Faculty of Bio-Medicine (Obschezhitie medico-biologicheskogo fakulteta). Moskovsky trakt, 6/2
  15. International office. Moskovsky Trakt, 2/ 18

SibMed Campus Map (ul. Uchebnaya)

16. Dormitory of the Pediatric Faculty (Obschezhitie). ul. Vershinina, 50

17. Student cafeteria in the dormitory of the Pediatric Faculty (Stolovaya), ul. Vershinina, 50

18. Building of the Biomedical Faculty (Biokorpus). ul. Uchebnaya, 39

19. Sports building (Sportkomplex),Uchebnaya, 41

20. Dormitory of the Pharmaceutical Faculty (Obschezhitie), ul. Kotovskogo, 15

21. Consultative and diagnostic center of SSMU clinics (Konsultativny i lechebno-diagnostichesky korpus). ul.Uchebnaya 39/1