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SibMed Rector congratulated University on Student's Day


Dear students, congratulations on the Russian Student's Day! 

At this very stage of your life - while studying at the university - you acquire professional knowledge and skills, jump at incredible opportunities, find mentors and the most loyal friends. Some of you even meet your better half. 

Studying at SibMed, you pursue one of the most important careers, the purpose of which is to save people's health and lives. I'm sure that in the future, when you enter operating rooms, doctor's offices, laboratories and research centers, you will confirm the high status of a SibMed graduate by your achievements.

Our university is not only about mastering the art of medicine, which requires a lot of time and effort, but also about  opportunities to engage in science, creative activities, sports and volunteering. SibMed students are incredibly hardworking and talented!

Study, try, dream, do not be afraid of the most daring ideas and projects! Let these years remain in your memory as one of the happiest periods in life.

Sincerely, SibMed Rector

Evgeny Kulikov