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SibMed launched a competition for training in elite educational programs "Leaders 2030"


SibMed students can apply for training in elite educational programs "Leaders 2030". 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-year students can apply for study.

There are 7 tracks: "Science and Research", "Organization and Management", "Surgery", "Pediatrics", "Pharmacy", as well as new tracks "Therapy" and "Development" (Technological entrepreneurship). Students will be able to choose disciplines not only from their own track but also from others.

To obtain a certificate of the elite education "Leaders 2030", you need to have 240 hours of study. The certificate will help to get extra points in case of admission to postgraduate programs and clinical residency. If students study less than 240 hours, they will receive certificates proving that they have mastered separate modules.

The competition is held in two stages: a portfolio and an interview.

First, applicants shall submit a portfolio to the scientific and educational laboratory "Academic Development Laboratory". The portfolio should contain information about the level of English language proficiency, participation and victories in Olympiads or professional competitions, additional education, professional experience, social activities and participation in projects. SibMed students applying for quota training are required to add information about research activities for the last three years and the average mark for previous years of study.

The second stage is an interview to evaluate theoretical knowledge or practical skills depending on the educational program. Each stage of the competition is evaluated on a 10-point grading scale.

The applications are submitted until May 29.