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Communication through cuisine: SibMed is implementing a project on healthy food


SibMed has launched the project "Holiday dishes of the World: How to Stay Healthy?". The project will facilitate the adaptation of international students, promote a healthy lifestyle and unite SibMed teachers and students. 

The project consists of events combining nutrition in theory and workshops on cooking dishes from Siberian products. It is being implemented for the first time as part of the grant system for cross-cultural activities.

"We are promoting a healthy lifestyle among patients, staff members and students of SibMed. We have a large target audience, which includes international students. We want to help everyone eat properly. In addition, as a teacher, I have noticed that some students have difficulty communicating with each other and with the teaching staff. The cross-cultural project will facilitate the adaptation of students and teachers will get to know their students better," said the author of the project. The project was created by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the SibMed Pediatrics Division with Endocrinology Course, endocrinologist, dietitian Maria Matveeva. 

During the theoretical part (several meetings), students and teachers will analyze the basic principles of healthy nutrition, taking into account the traditions of different countries. At the informal meetings, the participants of the project will make a menu that they will have to cook. The experts will be helping them. The second stage of the project is practical. The participants will cook dishes of the Russian cuisine from Siberian products and taste them. 

The first meeting will be held in the near future. The date and time will be announced in the SibMed news.