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SibMed held the competition "Laboratory medicine specialist"


The SibMed Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Division with Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Course held the competition "Laboratory medicine specialist". The participants demonstrated their knowledge and skills individually and as part of teams.

Individual championship:

  • 1st place — sixth-year student from "Medical cybernetics" Irina Riumkina; 
  • 2nd place — sixth-year student from "Medical biochemistry" Anastasiia Deilova;
  • 3rd place — sixth-year student from "Medical biochemistry" Daria Chumakina.


  • 1st place — "Cherez chur", sixth-year students of "Medical biochemistry";
  • 2nd place — "Cyberwhiners", sixth-year students of "Medical cybernetics";
  • 3rd place — "Pipettes", sixth-year students of "Medical biochemistry".

During the competition, participants demonstrated their knowledge of testing. For instance, they performed hematological, biochemical and immunological tests. During the task "Laboratory Quest", a real clinical case was analyzed. The students had to provide an algorithm for additional laboratory examination of the patient, conduct research, interpret the results, make a conclusion based on the description of the patient's complaints, examination and clinical picture of the disease.