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SibMed first organized the celebration of India's Republic Day


Since 1950, India has celebrated one of the main national holidays — India's Republic Day. SibMed organized a celebration that united international students and representatives of the University administration. 

The event was attended by more than 40 students of the SibMed English program "General medicine". Head of the Department for International Education Veoletta Galitskaia told about the history of the holiday and awarded students with letters of gratitude for good academic performance and extracurricular work. 

"Russia and SibMed have been friends with India for many decades. SibMed representatives have visited the country and participated in educational events. We are also implementing many joint economic projects. We are glad that students from India appreciate Russian education and come to us to acquire knowledge. Despite the harsh Siberian climate, we give a warm welcome to our international students. We hope that student years will provide you not only with medical knowledge ensuring a wonderful future, but also with unique life experience. Here you can get acquainted with a different culture and climate and make friends," Vice-rector for Youth Policy Alexander Ratkin addressed the students. Alexander Ratkin drew attention to the importance of India's Republic Day for students, which is why the holiday was included in the SibMed calendar of events.

Dean of the General Medicine Department Inessa Yakimovich also congratulated the students. Students and University staff listened to the anthems of the two countries and the National Song of India.