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SibMed team won the regional Olympiad in Psychology


The SibMed team took first place in the regional student Olympiad in Psychology between universities. Danila Burnashov, a student of the SibMed Institute of Integrative Healthcare, won the competition between team captains. 

In the individual competition, SibMed students Maksim Galiatin, Anna Sazonova, Victoriia Chulanova took second, third and fourth places, respectively. The team was trained by Nataliia Burtova, Associate Professor of the Fundamental Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Division at SibMed. The event in which teams from Tomsk and Novosibirsk took part was organized by the Faculty of Psychology and Special Education of Tomsk State Pedagogical University (TSPU). 

The Olympiad was held in the Technopark of TSPU. The first stage was a test consisting of 60 questions on general psychology, personality psychology, age and social psychology, the history of psychology and the methodology of psychological research. The second stage was the competition "Sukhomlinskii's Workshop: creativity is an activity which reveals the spiritual world of a person, it is a kind of magnet that attracts a person to a person." The teams received three simple items and had to come up with games for children. At the final stage, the participants solved the "Professional case".

The second place was taken by the TSU team, the third one - by Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University.

Photo: TSPU.