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Elena V. Udut

Head of the Laboratory

Email: lab.cni@ssmu.ruResearchGate

Central Research Laboratory is responsible for conducting R&D activities in SibMed priority research areas. Also, the Lab is developing conditions for effective management of intellectual activities and implementing research findings in healthcare system.

Core functions

  • Obtaining new knowledge, organizing, and conducting applied research activities in accordance with the targets set by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.
  • Setting up special arrangements necessary for interdisciplinary interagency cooperation that leads to the development of long-term research projects in the SibMed priority research areas.
  • Organizing workspaces, coordinating scientific, academic, and clinical divisions of SibMed and other potential participants representing SibMed professional partnerships.
  • Providing consultancy services for SibMed staff and students in how to plan experimental and research activities, research methodologies and, also, controlling the research implementation process.
  • Raising financial support for research and innovation activities from Federal Funds and other projects.
  • Facilitating SibMed integration into the national and international innovation systems; developing professional cooperation, also, in the field of expertise, human resourcing and project management systems linked with innovation and venture capital investment.
  • Training highly qualified scientific personnel.