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SibMed team became one of the best at the All-Russian Forum on Pediatric Surgery


A team of SibMed students gave a speech at the XI All-Russian Student Forum "Minimally invasive technologies in pediatric surgery. From theory to practice" dedicated to the memory of Professor A.V. Geraskin. The Forum was held at Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University in Moscow. 36 teams from 18 cities of Russia attended the Forum.

Students had to demonstrate their skills in three competitions:

  • Medical Training. It consisted of two tasks. In the first one, students had to carefully cut out a circle of paper with the team's logo with the help of endoscopic scissors. In the second one, participants performed a laparoscopic ligation of testicular vessels on a model of the retroperitoneal space;
  • Endoscopy, where the clinical case of small intestine stenosis was simulated;
  • Brain-Ring. At this stage, students demonstrated their knowledge of medical theory

SibMed students won the following prizes:

  • sixth-year students of the Pediatrics Department Anastasiia Mishchenko and Anna Chernikova — the 3rd place in "Medical Training";
  • sixth-year student of the Pediatrics Department Timur Stakovsky and sixth-year student of the General Medicine Department Alizhon Fozilov— the 3rd place in "Endoscopy".

Experts from different universities noticed the high quality of the students' practical skills.

Assistant of the Pediatric Surgical Diseases Division Stanislav Ivanov headed the training of the SibMed team.