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Head of the Unit Scientific Head of the Unit

Olga S. Fedorova

D.M.SC., Professor

In-patient Department Pediatrics Division with       a Childhood Diseases Course, General Medicine Department



Liudmila Ogorodova

D.M.SC., Professor

Corresponding Member of RAS, In-patient Department Pediatrics Division with  a Childhood Diseases Course, General Medicine Department

“Population Health under a Global Threat of Trematode Infection” strategic unit is set in place to integrate clinical epidemiology, immunology, microbiology, genetics, and pathological anatomy fields and  synthetic biology, cellular, omics and bioinformatics technologies to achieve results that can be later applied in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of chronic diseases.


  • Building capacity to improve the quality of services and develop novel treatment omics-based approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of NCDs (non-communicable diseases).
  • Designing academic programs and awareness campaigns to alleviate NCD risk factors.
  • Improving management of chronic non-communicable diseases.
  • Participating in joint international research projects that range from nutrition interventions, through cancer diagnosis and treatment, to cardiovascular and neurological disease diagnosis


  • TOPIC” - Tomsk OPIsthorchiasis Consortium
  • Project FP6-2006-TTC-TU-5 Proposal 045879 EuroPrevall
  • Epidemiological Studies on Opistorchis felineus infection and control in populations of Western Siberia (joint project with SwissTPH, Switzerland)
  • The postgenomic study of invasion Opistorchis felineus (joint project with LUMC, the Netherlands)
  • Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme, 2019-2022 (joint project with University of Leiden, the Netherlands)

International partners